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    Egusi soup......This is a favorite delicacy of so many Nigerians, it can be made in so many ways from fried to boiled. I enjoy this meal a lot because it never taste the same, whenever its made with different types of leaves, ranging from bitter leaves, pumpkin leaves, greens, water leaves and spinach (life of a foodie) ....wait...did I mention, that it can be cooked with any meat and fish of choice.
   Here are ingredients and directions of how I made this mouth watering, fried, chicken Egusi soup...ENJOY!!

Yield: About 5 servings


1 whole chicken, cleaned, chopped and seasoned with onions, maggi, salt, pepper and scent leaf.
1 and a half cup of melon seeds, grounded (water is added to level of melon to form paste).
3 seeds of tomatoes with enough fresh peppers, grounded.
1 onion, minced into small sizes.
Palm oil.
Grounded crayfish.
Leaf of choice (I used frozen spinach).
Chicken stock (from the chicken cooked).
1/4 Tbsp of salt.
2 cubes of maggi (chicken flavor).


On a dry pot with cooker set on medium heat, pour in required amount of oil (about 8 Tbsp of palm oil). Wait for oil to bleach (oil looks a little transparent), then add a pinch of salt, then onions. Stir for a few seconds then add the grounded tomatoes and fresh peppers, stir for 3 minutes ( let the tomatoes dry).

 Add the melon paste and stir, stir till oil settles and the melon looks a bit dry for about 5 minutes (this may burn a little but it's normal. After melon is fried, add the chicken stock, crayfish, maybe a little dried chilli pepper then cover pot with its lid. Let this boil for 3 minutes then add the seasoned, cooked chicken meat, add spinach, add maggi and salt to taste.

 Additional water can be added according to preference (I don't like my soup watery, I use mainly chicken stock ). Let this cook for 5 minutes on medium heat and VIOLA.........SOUP IS READY!!!

 Recipe source : Uzzy_rac


This is a short biography of the post author. Uzzy Rac is a Nigerian, who has made it a point to strive for her goal in the Medical Field. She is a tough one and isn't afraid to face the challenges of life. She attended Heroes and Renaissance Academy for her primary Education, from which she applied to Federal Government College Warri for her Secondary Education. Presently in pursuit of her Medical career as a General practitioner and expressing herself as a Lifestyle Blogger in Belarus.

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